Junilo - Hello!  I am Junilo Ugo, Lead Photographer of Ugo.Photography.  I grew up and call West End Toronto my 'home'. Toronto's culture and diversity has really been what shaped me from childhood;  it meant experiencing a variety of sights, colours, sounds and food.  

For as long as I can remember, I have loved cameras and taking photographs.  My uncle's photography studio was my absolutely favourite place to be as a child.  I would often totally lose track of the time, being completely engrossed in learning the art of photography.  After years of shooting, I still feel most comfortable behind the lens, focusing on the details of situations; turning the images I see into memories.  

After meeting my beautiful wife in Toronto and getting married in 2010, we settled in Zaragoza, Spain to live the Canadian dream: live in Europe and own a Piaggio Vespa!  We've had many adventures and met many friends living on the other side of the Atlantic.  We're now excited to have started a whole new chapter of our lives in the Niagara region.  We'd love to know you! Contact us with photography questions, inquiries or even just to meet for a great cup of coffee!


Lindsay - My name is Lindsay Jayne Ugo, Curator and Stylist of Ugo.Photography.  You could say that our own love story has been a bit of a whirlwind, which has made for a very exciting adventure.  We met in Toronto, dated while living in two different countries, returned to Toronto to get married, and now after eight years of calling Spain 'home', we've returned to Canada and settled in the beautiful Niagara wine country.  Our years together in Europe will be permanently etched in our memory.  The Mediterranean sun, the landscape and colours have made a deep impression on both of us.  It has deeply influenced Junilo's photography and makes us appreciate nature as never before.  Now that we are back in Canada, we bring a bit of Europe with us in our style and approach.  

I am so pleased to work with my hubby, to document the love stories of our clients.  It reminds me over and over again what a special time of life it is.  My primary role involves overseeing the day-to-day tasks of our business and arranging photography sessions and meetings.  During our sessions, I assist Junilo by styling the shoot and acting as a second shooter to ensure we document every last detail of your story.  We would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us here to meet for a coffee!

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