A London Love Story - Geraldine and André

A London, England Engagement Session - June 2018

Junilo and I were contacted by Geraldine and André in September 2017 in regards to their 2019 Toronto wedding.  The more we got to know each other over email, the more we realized how much the four of us had in common!!  They were fellow Torontonians who, just like us, had the unforgettable opportunity to live in Europe.  As in the case of Junilo, André followed 'his girl' abroad after Geraldine was accepted to study her Masters of Architecture in London, UK.  In addition to their wedding photography, they were really interested in having engagement photos done as well; however, due to the distance they thought that the only way to arrange things was to book a wedding photographer for their Toronto wedding and have a local photographer document their UK story in some of their favourite spots in London.  Coincidentally, Junilo and I were in the midst of booking a work trip to Spain for just around the end of the school year which was exactly when Geraldine thought they would like to book their engagement session! After working out the details of timing and logistics we agreed we would incorporate a quick stop in London on our way home from Spain. 

Once everything was confirmed, we literally spent months planning their engagement session!  We talked about how to incorporate their love of architecture into their photos, Geraldine prepared a walking map of their favourite spots in the city,  we worked out timing (to beat the crowds!) and even assisted in styling clothing and colours.  We really valued Geraldine's interest in making this an unforgettable experience for the two of them.  Her planning and effort really paid off because their session turned out beautifully. 

Follow this lovely couple's London engagement session day below!

An Elegant and Stylish Bride and Groom - Amber-Lee and Patrick

Mississauga Wedding - Late Spring, 2018  

On July 8, 2017 Patrick convinced Amber-Lee to join him into a photo booth.  Little did Amber know as the camera took their pictures, Patrick had an engagement ring to ask for her hand in marriage.  The camera captured the whole series of events...the surprise, joy, tears and love.  Have you heard of anything more romantic?!?! 

We met these two lovebirds in November 2017 in Mississauga and felt super excited hearing about their plans.  Being a car guy, Patrick was convinced of one thing for his wedding day: it MUST include an incredibly dope sports car!  Other than that, he was just super pumped about marrying his girl.  Amber had a clear vision of how to make their wedding a very stylish and fashionable event.  First things first, her dress - she allowed Junilo and I a sneak peek (without revealing any details to Patrick!) - it was show-stopping beautiful.  That really set the whole tone of the gorgeousness of the day!  Her choice of Valentinos and family pearls were the perfect feminine combination.  

After suggesting a few different locations for family and bridal party photos, Amber thought that Mississauga's Kariya Park would be a perfect space given the size of the group they wanted photographed and the time of year.  We were super fortunate with the famous cherry blossom season beginning just a few days before their wedding.  The tones of the different cherry blossoms were the perfect palette for their bridesmaids' marsala-coloured dresses and florals.  

After the majority of the bridal portraits were done, Patrick whisked his bride off to the reception in an incredible sports car; which was hilarious for us!  We had a good laugh trying to follow in our little car.  It is sure a good thing that Mississauga is full of stoplights!!  After their very touching family dances with their parents and sincere speeches it was time to get on with the party!  DJ IAM4RELL instantly had everyone on the dance floor playing Motown hits and classic pop.  We had so much fun watching the crowd get down and sing their hearts out. 

These two have a forever of happiness ahead of them #masonlove2018.

Bridal hair and makeup:  The Art of Makeup and Hair | Florals:  Pandora's Box | Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal at Sophie's Gown Shoppe | Groom's Suit:  EPH Apparel | Bridesmaids' dresses:  David's Bridal | Reception Venue:  Crystal Grand Banquet Hall | Park:  Kariya Park | DJ:  IAM4RELL | Photo Booth: SDE Weddings 

A Niagara Wedding Full of Love, Laughter and Joy - Kristen and Mike

Legends on the Niagara, Niagara Falls - Spring 2018

Our spring wedding season has been made up of some amazing couples and families; Kristen and Mike are no exception!  

We met Kristen and Mike shortly after they got engaged in August 2017.  We were completely taken by their story; after their first date (which lasted eight hours btw!), Kristen went home and told her mom and sister that she had met the man she was going to marry.  Talk about a memorable first date!  Three years later, Mike took Kristen to one of their favourite places, Niagara Falls, got down on one knee on a bridge facing the Falls and asked for Kristen's hand in marriage.  We can only imagine Kristen's reaction as she is a person full of energy and love! She excitedly began planning her dream wedding for April 2018.

It wasn't very long after meeting these two that we both realized that this was a very special couple.  Right from the moment the wedding planning process began, they made sure that each of their family members knew how much they meant to them.  Down to the smallest detail, they included their cherished family members.  From having their parents help them with getting ready, Kristen's first look with her dad to having three generations of wedding photos displayed at the venue, they really put a lot of thought into a very memorable affair.  Kristen even included a very personal touch in the wedding details by including the broach her grandma wore on her wedding day in her bouquet.  

After talking about different options for their big day, Mike and Kristen decided that they would like to have their 'first look' at their gorgeous venue, Legends on the Niagara.  Kristen really liked the idea of reading one another cards they had written beforehand just before seeing one another.  We could just feel the anticipation to see one another.  We were just as excited as they were! After a very sincere and sweet first look, we moved to the majority of their bridal party and family photos.  The natural setting around the venue and the beautiful spring day made for some gorgeous pictures!  After the photos, we headed to the ceremony and then back to Legends for cocktails and dinner afterwards.  The newlyweds were welcomed to Legends with costumed soldiers firing off authentic muskets from 1812 which was a crowd pleaser for sure!  Looking back, we'd have to say that the most memorable part of this wedding was in fact the speeches. They said so much about how much these families loved, respected and valued one another.  Several times, we had to tell ourselves to focus on taking the photos, lol, as we were so moved by the heartfelt comments.

We feel it a real honour to have met and got to know Kristen and Mike. We wish them nothing but happiness and joy in the months and years to come.

Wedding Venue:  Legends on the Niagara | Florals:  Country Basket | Invitations and Paper Goods:  All That's Lovely | Hair: Pretty & Co. | Makeup:  Lianne Mascia | Wedding Dress: Annette's Bridal | Bridesmaids' Dresses:  Dessy | Decor:  Simply Beautiful Decor | Desserts:  The Dessert Room | Wedding Favours:  Della Terra | DJ:  Sound of Harmony | Videography: Dave Tebbutt 

A Spring Wedding at Niagara's Heritage Ball's Falls Village - Paris and Jake

Niagara Wedding - Spring 2018

Paris and Jake, ultra photogenic with hearts of gold and senses of humour extraordinaire!  Did we ever enjoy spending the day with them along with their friends and families.  Right from our first meeting together, we knew exactly what they envisioned for their wedding day:  an unforgettably fun time for all their guests at Niagara's historic wedding venue, Ball's Falls.  Jake's family and friends were travelling all the way from British Columbia for the festivities and friends came from as far as Mexico; therefore, enjoying the day and making it memorable for all was fundamental!  Enjoy the day they did!

We watched the forecast all week; early in the week sunny skies and balmy temperatures were forecasted; however, as the week went on the weather changed to rain, wind and even chances of evening snow flurries!!  As weather is NOT something anyone can control (we sure wish we could as photographers!!), Junilo and I made sure our 'plan B' was well worked out.  We primarily leave it to couples to decide what they would like to do in the event of bad weather; however, we really appreciate when couples consider our suggestions and are not afraid by the thought of a little inclement weather.  Although Paris and Jake's first look meant juggling umbrellas and avoiding puddles, we think the photos speak for themselves; the tones, lighting and location made for some very memorable photographs.  And Jake's reaction to seeing his bride could not have been more perfect!  The genuine emotion he displayed is something we will remember for a long time to come. 

By the time we finished the bridal party photos our cheeks hurt!!  They had us laughing from the very first shot.  We were so appreciative that everyone was so cooperative and willing to go along with the change of plans to do most of the photos inside as it was pouring rain by that point! Just as a little side point for couples, planning with your photographer before your wedding is essential to have the best photographs possible.  It's important to remember that even if the weather does not turn out to be ideal for your wedding day, good planning and discussing options can mean for beautiful photos no matter the circumstances ;) 

After a very heartfelt ceremony in St. Catharines, we headed back to Ball's Falls for cocktails, dinner and an epic party for all invitees.  We finished the night with sparkler well wishes for the couple.  Their tropical Costa Rican honeymoon was the perfect end to a perfect wedding celebration. 

Congrats guys, you have a life of laughs and smiles ahead of you :)


Venue:  Balls Falls, Vineland (Niagara) Ontario | Bridal accessories: J-Picone Bridal Accessories | Dress: Laudae at Sash and Bustle | Bridesmaids' dresses:  Sash and Bustle | Hair:  Solace Salon | Bridal Florals:  The Watering Can |  Catering: Chef Brad Rempel

The Sweetest of Wedding Celebrations - Sydney and Aaron

An Intimate Affair With Friends and Family, Mississauga - March 2018 

One realizes how quickly time flies by when it feels like it was just yesterday that we were in Kensington Market, doing Sydney and Aaron's engagement session!  We knew this would be a special day for all; family and friends came together from all over, Sydney's brother and sister-in-law had just arrived from abroad to celebrate and several close family members played a huge role in making it such a pretty event (including a custom cake made by Sydney's sister!).

Sydney told us she had been dreaming of this day for a long time; she knew exactly how she wanted to go and what was most important to her to be photographed; her friends and family.  As with all of our couples, we sat down and worked together to plan out a wedding day timeline to ensure she and Aaron could look back on the photographs years to come!  

Some couples ask us what a wedding timeline consists of.  Wedding days are busy and sometimes downright hectic.  A timeline allows the couple to put down on paper how they want their day to go.  Every couple wants their weddings to go smoothly; having a schedule for the day helps to do just that.  It also assists in taking the best advantage of having us there with you!  Beautiful photos do not happen by chance, planning the 'where / who / when / how' of the day will mean you will have gorgeous shots and memories.

As they were happy to have just the videographer the ceremony, we met them at Sydney's family home after the ceremony.  We began with individual bride and groom portraits and then moved into family portraits.  Later we took the couple to a park not far from Aria Bistro for some more bridal portraits and then headed to the reception.  

They were troopers in the cold March weather!!  The windchill made it pretty brisk to be out too long.  We all thought it would be best to reserve the bridal party photos where they could be warm and cozy.  The staff at Aria were wonderfully accommodating; making sure that we had a specific space to ourselves for a few minutes to capture the bride and groom with their bridal party.  

The families and the newlyweds speeches had the crowd (and us!) laughing; they were frank, heartfelt and extremely gracious.  After cutting the lovely surprise cake that Sydney's sister made, the dancing got underway.  The lively crowd were ready to dance the night away!   

We left the reception feeling extremely happy for Aaron and Sydney.  We can't wait until our paths cross again in the future :)

First Look at the Historic Great Hall, Toronto - Diana and Arturo

Toronto Wedding - Spring 2018

These two.  We can't say enough about their character, love and commitment to one another.  Diana and Arturo met in 2016 while Diana was on holiday in Costa Rica.  On her last night there, her and her friend were invited to Arturo's house by a friend who they had met during their time there.  We guess you could say the rest of the story is...history ;)  Coming from two people who know what it's like to date long distance,  Junilo and I have tons of respect for the strength of character and determination it took to make a long distance relationship work.  

Their engagement happened in the summer of 2017 while Arturo was in Toronto visiting.  They had made plans to take a boat cruise on Lake Ontario which to Arturo, seemed like the perfect place to propose.  As they danced and enjoyed the summer evening, Arturo got down on one knee and asked for Diana's hand in marriage. 

When we met Diana in August 2017, we were instantly captivated by their story and related very much to planning a wedding here while having the groom far away!  Diana did an amazing job communicating what both of them envisioned for their Canadian wedding ceremony and reception.  Due to Arturo's work, they made the decision to settle in Costa Rica, making this wedding even more meaningful as Diana would be leaving her home, her family and friends shortly after.   She wanted to celebrate with those closest to her; mentioning that as soon as the wedding planning began, she knew exactly every person she wanted to have at their wedding.   It was a very intimate, personalized wedding as her older brother gave the wedding speech after a private civil ceremony was held.  

As Arturo is an engineer both he and Diana expressed that they really wanted to have their first look and bridal portraits done somewhere with beautiful architecture, appropriate for the time of year and with lots of natural light.  We had the perfect place in mind; the amazing historic Great Hall in west-end Toronto.   We just have to add a little note here that the managers of The Great Hall were so accommodating and extremely welcoming.  They allowed Diana and Arturo to have access to BOTH the Drawing and Conversation Rooms, allowing the couple to have their first look alone while their families were not far away, just upstairs in fact!  It made things run much smoother and allowed us to take the most advantage of our time at the Great Hall. 

After the couple's session with their families and bridal party we headed Uptown to the authentically Italian Ristorante Boccaccio for a private civil ceremony, family ceremony and reception.  Everything about their wedding reflected that they wanted to share this special occasion with their very closest family and friends.  The evening finished with some heartfelt speeches reflecting love, happy memories and well wishes for the bride and groom.  We were honoured to share such a special day with Diana and Arturo and their families. ¡Enhorabuena chicos!  Un abrazo muy fuerte.  xo