A London Love Story, England Engagement Session

- Geraldine and André

Junilo and I were contacted by Geraldine and André in September 2017 in regards to their 2019 Toronto wedding.  The more we got to know each other over email, the more we realized how much the four of us had in common!!  They were fellow Torontonians who, just like us, had the unforgettable opportunity to live in Europe.  As in the case of Junilo, André followed 'his girl' abroad after Geraldine was accepted to study her Masters of Architecture in London, UK.  In addition to their wedding photography, they were really interested in having engagement photos done as well; however, due to the distance they thought that the only way to arrange things was to book a wedding photographer for their Toronto wedding and have a local photographer document their UK story in some of their favourite spots in London.  Coincidentally, Junilo and I were in the midst of booking a work trip to Spain for just around the end of the school year which was exactly when Geraldine thought they would like to book their engagement session! After working out the details of timing and logistics we agreed we would incorporate a quick stop in London on our way home from Spain. 

Once everything was confirmed, we literally spent months planning their engagement session!  We talked about how to incorporate their love of architecture into their photos, Geraldine prepared a walking map of their favourite spots in the city,  we worked out timing (to beat the crowds!) and even assisted in styling clothing and colours.  We really valued Geraldine's interest in making this an unforgettable experience for the two of them.  Her planning and effort really paid off because their session turned out beautifully. 

Follow this lovely couple's London engagement session day below!