A Bride and Groom’s First Look at Toronto’s Historic Great Hall


These two.  We can't say enough about their character, love and commitment to one another.  Diana and Arturo met in 2016 while Diana was on holiday in Costa Rica.  On her last night there, her and her friend were invited to Arturo's house by a friend who they had met during their time there.  We guess you could say the rest of the story is...history ;)  Coming from two people who know what it's like to date long distance,  Junilo and I have tons of respect for the strength of character and determination it took to make a long distance relationship work.  

Their engagement happened in the summer of 2017 while Arturo was in Toronto visiting.  They had made plans to take a boat cruise on Lake Ontario which to Arturo, seemed like the perfect place to propose.  As they danced and enjoyed the summer evening, Arturo got down on one knee and asked for Diana's hand in marriage. 

When we met Diana in August 2017, we were instantly captivated by their story and related very much to planning a wedding here while having the groom far away!  Diana did an amazing job communicating what both of them envisioned for their Canadian wedding ceremony and reception.  Due to Arturo's work, they made the decision to settle in Costa Rica, making this wedding even more meaningful as Diana would be leaving her home, her family and friends shortly after.   She wanted to celebrate with those closest to her; mentioning that as soon as the wedding planning began, she knew exactly every person she wanted to have at their wedding.   It was a very intimate, personalized wedding as her older brother gave the wedding speech after a private civil ceremony was held.  

As Arturo is an engineer both he and Diana expressed that they really wanted to have their first look and bridal portraits done somewhere with beautiful architecture, appropriate for the time of year and with lots of natural light.  We had the perfect place in mind; the amazing historic Great Hall in west-end Toronto.   We just have to add a little note here that the managers of The Great Hall were so accommodating and extremely welcoming.  They allowed Diana and Arturo to have access to BOTH the Drawing and Conversation Rooms, allowing the couple to have their first look alone while their families were not far away, just upstairs in fact!  It made things run much smoother and allowed us to take the most advantage of our time at the Great Hall. 

After the couple's session with their families and bridal party we headed Uptown to the authentically Italian Ristorante Boccaccio for a private civil ceremony, family ceremony and reception.  Everything about their wedding reflected that they wanted to share this special occasion with their very closest family and friends.  The evening finished with some heartfelt speeches reflecting love, happy memories and well wishes for the bride and groom.  We were honoured to share such a special day with Diana and Arturo and their families. ¡Enhorabuena chicos!  Un abrazo muy fuerte.  xo