A Modern and Cultural Wedding Affair, Niagara Destination Wedding


How do we even begin putting down into words how unforgettable this wedding experience was with this couple? Our first meeting was something we won’t forget: a HUGE snow storm hit Toronto that morning, we shared a common love for Jimmy’s Coffee and most of all because of all the laughing we did as we got to know one another.

First things first, they told us their story. Their initial meeting was innocent enough: they started out as university roommates at the University of Ottawa. Being roomies slowly turned into becoming great friends which led to …. love. After several years and shared memories together, Shaofan decided to make it official! He put so much thought into his proposal; even designing Feiran’s engagement ring and making it himself with the assistance of a jeweller. It was clear that his thoughtful design touched Feiran deeply.

The next phase of wedding planning was a bit more of a challenge; Feiran lived in Ottawa, Shaofan was finishing his PhD in Montreal, his family is in Toronto and hers in Shanghai. Her best friend lives in Holland and his in Manhattan, lol. The idea of a ‘destination wedding experience’ seemed like the most logical idea as their guests would enjoy more than just the wedding day; they could make it a holiday; visiting our beautiful Niagara region. Feiran imagined getting married looking out at a vineyard and having her guests enjoy the lush summer greenery of the vines. Their first wedding venue visit was Vineland Estates and that was it! It was exactly what she had imagined.

Having a love for photography, she was also convinced of a few things: one of them being that she wanted to have a first look with Shaofan during the softest sunlight of the day (which meant starting at sunrise as they had a morning wedding). As their families’ accommodations were in the city of Niagara Falls, we suggested that we do the first look at the beautiful Oakes Garden Theatre right at Niagara Falls. The architecture, tones of the stone and the secret gardens all matched what she envisioned for her wedding day. She also had clear that she wanted us to document the important Chinese tradition of a wedding tea ceremony with her and Shaofan’s parents. We felt honoured to be a part of their families’ tradition as it is the ultimate gesture in the Chinese culture to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care.

After the tea ceremony, we travelled to Vineland Estates to celebrate their nuptials with their friends and family. After a heartfelt ceremony in both English and Chinese, it was time to celebrate!!! Feiran ‘stole the show’, changing into her gorgeous red cocktail dress. They mingled, chatted and celebrated with their guests, enjoying every minute of the afternoon. We finished with some last memorable photographs under Vineland Estate’s famous willow tree.

These two stole our hearts! We wish them nothing but ‘shuang xi’ (double happiness) !! xoxo