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Destination Engagement Session in Niagara Fall’s Botanical Gardens


Destination engagement sessions continue to be a huge trend for couples for 2019. What better way to make one’s engagement memorable than having it documented in a beautiful and dream destination! With 14 million visitors a year, Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most visited destinations.

Cleaven and Grace’s story stretches 15,000 kilometres, from Ottawa to Jakarta, Indonesia. Cleaven has studied and worked in Ottawa for 11 years. On one of his visits home to Indonesia, his mom told him she had found the perfect girl for him. They made arrangements to meet and that was it!! Fast forwarding 18 months, they were planning not one, but two weddings in both Canada and Indonesia :)

With Grace’s first trip to Canada, she thought it would be incredibly memorable to have a ‘destination engagement session’. She and both their families were travelling from across the world; what better place than the Niagara region to incorporate tourism and beautiful engagement photographs! We arranged to meet them in Niagara Park’s lovely Botanical Gardens. The flowers were in full bloom and the trees were a lush summer green. Just as we were about to photograph Cleaven and Grace on the garden’s tree-lined path, a family of deer appeared and even seemed to pose for a minute for a few of the photographs, lol! We think it was meant to be; a true Canadian experience for our visitors.

We are so appreciative for having the opportunity to meet people like Cleaven and Grace. Getting to know their story and more about their culture make us grow as people and photographers. These newlyweds-to-be reminded us that no matter the distance, love surpasses all. xo

A London Love Story, England Destination Engagement Session

Junilo and I were contacted by Geraldine and André in September 2017 in regards to their 2019 Toronto wedding.  The more we got to know each other over email, the more we realized how much the four of us had in common!!  They were fellow Torontonians who, just like us, had the unforgettable opportunity to live in Europe.  As in the case of Junilo, André followed 'his girl' abroad after Geraldine was accepted to study her Masters of Architecture in London, UK.  In addition to their wedding photography, they were really interested in having engagement photos done as well; however, due to the distance they thought that the only way to arrange things was to book a wedding photographer for their Toronto wedding and have a local photographer document their UK story in some of their favourite spots in London.  Coincidentally, Junilo and I were in the midst of booking a work trip to Spain for just around the end of the school year which was exactly when Geraldine thought they would like to book their engagement session! After working out the details of timing and logistics we agreed we would incorporate a quick stop in London on our way home from Spain.

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