The Sweetest of Wedding Celebrations, Mississauga

- Sydney and Aaron

One realizes how quickly time flies by when it feels like it was just yesterday that we were in Kensington Market, doing Sydney and Aaron's engagement session!  We knew this would be a special day for all; family and friends came together from all over, Sydney's brother and sister-in-law had just arrived from abroad to celebrate and several close family members played a huge role in making it such a pretty event (including a custom cake made by Sydney's sister!).

Sydney told us she had been dreaming of this day for a long time; she knew exactly how she wanted to go and what was most important to her to be photographed; her friends and family.  As with all of our couples, we sat down and worked together to plan out a wedding day timeline to ensure she and Aaron could look back on the photographs years to come!  

Some couples ask us what a wedding timeline consists of.  Wedding days are busy and sometimes downright hectic.  A timeline allows the couple to put down on paper how they want their day to go.  Every couple wants their weddings to go smoothly; having a schedule for the day helps to do just that.  It also assists in taking the best advantage of having us there with you!  Beautiful photos do not happen by chance, planning the 'where / who / when / how' of the day will mean you will have gorgeous shots and memories.

As they were happy to have just the videographer the ceremony, we met them at Sydney's family home after the ceremony.  We began with individual bride and groom portraits and then moved into family portraits.  Later we took the couple to a park not far from Aria Bistro for some more bridal portraits and then headed to the reception.  

They were troopers in the cold March weather!!  The windchill made it pretty brisk to be out too long.  We all thought it would be best to reserve the bridal party photos where they could be warm and cozy.  The staff at Aria were wonderfully accommodating; making sure that we had a specific space to ourselves for a few minutes to capture the bride and groom with their bridal party.  

The families and the newlyweds speeches had the crowd (and us!) laughing; they were frank, heartfelt and extremely gracious.  After cutting the lovely surprise cake that Sydney's sister made, the dancing got underway.  The lively crowd were ready to dance the night away!   

We left the reception feeling extremely happy for Aaron and Sydney.  We can't wait until our paths cross again in the future :)